Hardest Part of Natural Hair Journey

The hardest part of my natural hair journey was the beginning. Transitioning was terrible for me because I had NO CLUE what I was doing. I was YouTubing everything and at the time YouTubers were saying not to shampoo your hair, don’t use heat, and other things that just weren’t working for my hair. Thank God I found a stylist that helped me with my journey because I would have gotten a relaxer. The last months of my transitioning journey, I went to the stylist twice a month to get it straightened. The other months I did my hair in protective styles or I tried to master hairstyles such as Bantu Knots (I’m still not that good at them haha )

2 thoughts on “Hardest Part of Natural Hair Journey

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  1. I’m a little past a year into my journey and so far the hardest part for me is first thing in the morning styling, and twisting them so that I don’t have much tangles. De tangling, Twists and braids take so long especially on shorter hair😩

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