Indian Healing Clay Mask

I decided to try it … twice and it didn’t work2017-01-24 13.33.17 as well for
me as it did everyone else. It cleaned my hair well, but it felt really dry (especially first time because I only used apple cider vinegar, Indian healing clay, and water). I didn’t see a major difference between before I used the Indian Clay Mask and after. I think I may have put too much apple cider vinegar in the mixture. If I try it again I’ll probably use a small amount and a lot of olive oil and water.

I divided my hair into four sections and distributed the clay all over my hair. After I left the clay on my hair for around 20-30 minutes, I rinsed it all out and deep conditioned (10 in 1 conditioner, oil, and hydrasource conditioner). I left those products in my hair for 30 minutes and this was my results.

Collage 2017-01-27 14_28_24



( the second attempt using clay mask)

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    1. I really noticed after I applied oil to my hair . I think I just had unrealistic expectations ( thought it was look like some of the girls on YouTube who tried it ) haha you should try it and let me know if you like the results


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